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Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

December 5 - Isaiah 35:1-10

v.8 “It shall belong to those who walk on the way; 

even if they are fools, they shall not stray.” 


One of our favorite movies as kids was the original "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World." This madcap comedy featured a zany ensemble cast of characters vying to discover a stash of stolen cash buried "under the Big W" at Santa Rosita State Park. 


Every individual, pair, or group of fools runs into trouble on the race south. Yet, somehow they all end up in the park at the same time. The first person to discover the meaning of "the Big W" is the only person uninterested in the money. Emmeline looks up from a drinking fountain and notices four palm trees forming a Big W in the distance. The moment quickly passes as the secret is discovered by others. I won't tell you what happens to the money, but you can imagine things do not work out for anyone as hoped.


The prophet Isaiah speaks to our world gone mad. People in bondage to sin, like jackals in the wilderness, thirsty for what cannot be found. At times, rumor stirs of Salvation or Security to be found under a Big W, and the chase is on. "Where are you, Big W?" Lions and ravenous beasts usually win.


But the Bible also promises that our madcap pursuits will not always be so.

 The LORD will make a highway in the wilderness and streams in the desert. "Behold, your God...will come and save you." Into our mad, mad, mad, mad world God has come in hot pursuit.


Jesus blazed a path in parched places that leads to the heart of God.

This way belongs to you now, made clean in Christ. Even if you are (still) a fool, prone to mad capers, you shall not go astray. It is like bowling with bumpers instead of gutters.


One way or another, the redeemed of the LORD shall come to Zion with singing and with sorrow and sighing no more.


Gracious God, turn our eyes away from the greedy pursuit of Big W's and fix our eyes upon the Big T of the cross of our Lord Jesus, that we may walk in his way, not as fools but as wise. Amen.

The entire devotional can be downloaded here.

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