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The Testimony of Toddlers

The Testimony of Toddlers

December 3 - Isaiah 11:1-10

v.3-4He shall not judge by what his eyes see, 

or decide disputes by what his ears hear, 

but with righteousness he shall judge…"


It is nearly impossible to interrogate my children and determine the precise events of a dispute between them. I can assess the situation, scan the room, listen to the cries and pleas, check for bumps and bruises, but I cannot know for certain what took place.


The testimony of toddlers is famously suspect.


The prophet Isaiah delivers God's promise of new growth from a dead stump. Why was Jesse's tree now a stump? What exactly led to the felling of this great tree that produced the royal line of King David? "Where are you, O my people?"


The testimony of human beings is famously suspect.



Fortunately, God promises to rectify the human situation not on the basis of our own testimony of what happened and what needs to happen. God will judge on the basis of God's own righteousness, God's own covenant-faithfulness. 


Jesus is the root of Jesse, who stands as a signal for all peoples as the knowledge of God fills the earth like water.

This water baptizes wolves and lambs into playmates and lions and oxen into dinner-mates.

 This water washes away our disputes with God and one another by giving us a new, Holy Spirit.


Faithful God, thank you for washing us by water and your Word. Renew us always with your Holy Spirit, that we may strive not against you and one another, but strive for your Kingdom come on earth as in heaven. Amen.

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