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Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Genesis 3:8-15

v.9 “But the Lord God called to the man and said to him, ‘Where are you?’”

You can imagine how popular Hide and Seek is around the parsonage with our older boys nearly five and three years old. Half the fun lies in the moment of discovery when hider and seeker greet each other loudly and with laughter. This is hiding in order to be found. 

Adam and Eve concealed themselves in order not to be found by God. The serpent had promised a knowledge to open their eyes and liken them to God, but all they discovered was their own naked ungodliness.  Foolishly, they hid themselves from the One who had formed their nakedness in the first place. 

How far the apple has fallen from the tree, when a child hears the footfall of their father and knows fear.

Yet the God who created all things by the Word continued to speak to creation. In asking "Where are you?" God also announced, "Here I AM." In asking "What is this that you have done?" God also promised, "Wait and see what I will do about it." Martin Luther comments, "Here in the midst of most serious threats the Father reveals His heart; this is not a father who is so angry that he would turn out his son because of his sin, but one who points to a deliverance, indeed one who promises victory against the enemy that deceived and conquered human nature." 

Human history could have remained a story of ankle-biting and head-stomping between the offspring of Eve and the offspring of the serpent. But, God promised instead to intercede as our champion. Adam and Eve's family line would produce one who is both Son of Man and Son of God at once. He would crush the serpent’s head, once and for all.

This Advent season, our Christmas tree will quickly become a popular spot for Hide and Seek.

When you and I hide behind the tree named Christ, the sound of the Father’s footsteps can be anticipated with great joy.

"Where are you?" "Here I am, Lord."

Gracious God, when I hide, you seek. When I am found, you forgive. Thank you for your grace given through Jesus, in whose name we pray. Amen.

The entire devotional can be downloaded here.

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