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Celebrating the Fifth of July

The local Levite and priest may have lamented what their neighborhood was coming to, what with roadside bandits having their way. I’ve been lamenting all the criminal activity around our church and park. The Samaritan did not worry about what sort of neighborhood he was traveling through. He was more concerned with being a neighbor than having one. 

God the Mobile Divine

If our mobile devices fulfill many of our emotional needs for presence, guidance, and connection, what about the deeper spiritual needs only the Holy Spirit can provide? If we are never alone; never quiet? If we draw more inspiration from Facebook than the Holy Book; more guidance from Pinterest than Proverbs; more connection from social media than the Sacraments? 

Graveling Before the Lord

On my best days, I would like to think I’m one of the bricks in the wall of God’s house, doing my small part to hold up the structure. In reality, my heart is so often the kind of gravel that needs to be bulldozed into a useful position, paved over and given a smoother exterior. I don’t want to give anyone a flat tire on their way to Jesus.